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 Load the supplied film strip, dim the lights, crank the handle and you've got your very own vintage film projector! You not only get the experience of a satisfying build; this kit actually works. Grab some popcorn and teach your digital-generation kids how movies used to get projected to the big screen.  

Vitascope is a retro inspired model that you build from laser-cut, wooden parts. Just pop the parts out and slot them together with the help of the detailed illustrated instructions. This is one of our more challenging builds, but if you're patient, even first-time builders will find it satisfying.

REAL PROJECTOR: Bring your own movie projector into life with 183 wood pieces. Enjoy a black& white film of Chaplin's classic piece.

HAND GENERATOR: no battery needed, totally green. Just crank the handle to run the motor inside and generate power for screen light.

Kit Contents
Plywood sheets

Film strip

Generator & LED

Various wooden, plastic & metal parts

Illustrated instructions


Assembled Size: 220 x 130 x 245 mm
Pieces: 183
Model Weight: 1.8 pounds



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