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Pick a card, any card — or a whole pack! The UGears Games Card Holder stores up to 12 decks of playing cards, allowing easy access while saving space on your game table. No more rummaging through boxes or stacks on shelves to find the stack of cards you need. The massive capacity of the Card Holder is perfect for collectors who love stylized stacks of playing cards or for trading card game fanatics who want quick access to their favorite cards.


The ornate wooden exterior of the Card Holder hides an extending mechanism that slides out into ergonomic staircase shelves which allow you to conveniently grab a deck of cards from any compartment in your Card Holder. Extending the staircase also provides extra card slots at the top of the device in the lid for display or play. When closed, the stylish see-through design gives you a teasing view of the cards stored inside.


The Card Holder isn't just a storage compartment, though. It's also a puzzle! With easy assembly in about an hour, get the satisfaction that comes with creating something both beautiful and functional. The kit comes with 77 ready-to-build pieces which require no additional tools or glue. The perfect gift for the tinkerer in your life, the Card Holder will satisfy any idle hands without getting messy glue anywhere or forcing you to bust out the toolbox. 


Kit Contents
Wooden Sheets

Illustrated instructions 

Model Size: 9.2 x 4.7 x 4.0 inches
Pieces: 77
Model Weight: 1.63 pounds


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